Unlock the Full Power of
Azure Virtual Desktop

Ensure all your applications can seamlessly run on Azure Virtual Desktop in a friction-free manner with Cloudpaging.

Lift and shift all your applications to Azure Virtual Desktop and run them in multi-session environments to save more than 6x on DaaS run costs.


Learn How Cloudpaging

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Accelerates DaaS Adoption

Ensure even the most complex legacy and customized applications can lift and shift to Azure Virtual Desktop without any compatibility issues.


Simplifies Deployments

Dynamically provision, update, roll back, and recall applications across your Azure Virtual Desktop estate, while providing end users with a native application experience.


Drastically Reduces TCO

Achieve a single golden image for your entire enterprise and standardize on multi-session, the least expensive Windows desktop environment.

Streamline Azure Virtual Desktop Deployments


Eliminate Application Conflicts

By isolating troublesome dependencies and only making them visible to the application, Cloudpaging containers can seamlessly run across modern Windows operating systems and virtual desktops. This enables you to  securely standardize on Windows 10 and Windows 11 Enterprise Multi-Session. 

Leveraging Cloudpager, the first and only container management platform, IT can dynamically provision containers within seconds. This enables real-time deployments without requiring end users to log off. As long as they are signed into Azure Virtual Desktop their desktop applications are up-to-date.


Drastically Reduce Your Dependency on Gold Images

A client of ours has a business-critical application used by more than 60,000 people  that has 60+ plugins. A single update to any plugin required a reboot upward of 15 minutes. With 60,000 users, that meant 15,000 hours (900K minutes) of collective downtime.

Cloudpaging enabled them to establish a single gold image to service all 60,000 users, drastically reducing IT administration and collective downtime.

What People are saying
“‘Magic’ is perhaps the only proper term to describe what Numecent’s technology feels like in action…this could have wide implications for how we access applications and downloads in the future.”
“We’re blown away: This startup could literally change the entire software industry with some of the most impressive enterprise technology we’ve seen in a decade.”
“The more I use [Cloudpaging], the more I realize how powerful it is!”
Celio Rossy
CTO, Ascentech

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