What is Cloudpaging?

Unprecedented application compatibility and portability.

What's the point of adopting emerging technologies if you can't bring your entire application estate with you? Discover the technology revolutionizing the mobilization and management of Windows applications. 

Ensure all your applications can run across modern desktop environments.


What You’ll Learn

How Cloudpaging's groundbreaking container technology works, enabling IT to easily service thousands of end users across modern devices and OS.


Achieve Full Virtualization Coverage

Discover how our patented container technology enables even the most complex legacy and custom applications to be packaged within a day.


Enhance Application Portability

Cloudpaging containers can run across modern desktop environments, such as Azure Virtual Desktop or Windows 365, without the need to repackage.


Increase Visibility and Control

Improve software asset management with automated software license recall and reallocation, comprehensive metering, and in-depth reporting. 

Unleash the Full Power of the Windows Ecosystem


Reduce Azure Virtual Desktop Adoption Friction and Costs

Cloudpaging enabled one of our customers to establish a single gold image to service more than 60,000 users, drastically reducing IT administration and collective downtime.

Ultimately, Cloudpaging ensures your entire application estate can run on Azure Virtual Desktop without conflicts or the need to repackage.


Future-Proof Applications for App-V's End of Life and Beyond

For years App-V has been the go-to tool for enterprise IT teams to package and modernize applications for Windows 7 (Windows 10 to a degree). Cloudpaging provides enterprises with a solution to extend the life of existing App-V packages, virtualize applications neither App-V or MSIX can package, and seamlessly stream them across modern desktop environments. 

What People are saying
“‘Magic’ is perhaps the only proper term to describe what Numecent’s technology feels like in action…this could have wide implications for how we access applications and downloads in the future.”
“We’re blown away: This startup could literally change the entire software industry with some of the most impressive enterprise technology we’ve seen in a decade.”
“The more I use [Cloudpaging], the more I realize how powerful it is!”
Celio Rossy
CTO, Ascentech

Frequently Asked Questions

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